Enterprise Distribution Core Values

HCL is an indispensable business partner – the most valued bridge between principals, channel partners, customers. Since its inception, HCL has been governed by its core values. They shape the culture and define the character of our company. We encourage our employees to go beyond their roles and address the needs of the customer and partners and implement ideas that drive new standards of excellence through Trust, Transparency and Flexibility into our ecosystem guaranteeing outcomes with great enthusiasm and excellence.

We believe that living by strong values is the key to good business. Our core values, along with a rigorous code of conduct, are at the heart of every decision we make.

Values for Channel Partners

  • Identify and bring new market opportunities
  • Provide leads and incremental opportunity
  • Ensure best in class execution and deliver better profitability
  • Understand today’s market challenges and offer relevant solutions
  • Enable partners to focus on their core businesses and leverage our vast capabilities of account management, presales and reach

Values for Principals

  • Access to new customer accounts
  • Accelerate introduction of new products and solutions
  • Augment the service capability
  • Operational excellence - channel financing, proof of concept centre
  • Specialized and skilled resources
  • Competitive shipping, handling and warehousing

Values for Customers

  • Ease of doing business and consultative approach
  • Create differentiated service experience
  • Single window by having a single point of ownership
  • Solving technical and commercial challenges
  • Delivering Products, Solutions and services at competitive rates

Value for Employees

At HCL Enterprise Distribution, we believe in recognizing the potential of each individual and ensuring that we uphold our core values and beliefs for an engaged and motivated workforce.

    We shall Uphold the Dignity of the Individual

    • We – Every HCLite
    • Uphold – Conscious effort to maintain
    • Dignity – Self-esteem / Self-respect / Honour
    • Individual – Colleague in office / Customer / Vendor / Partner /Competitor/differently enabled….of Any gender / Age / Religion /Nationality

    We shall Honor All Commitments

    • We – Every HCLite
    • Honor – Strive and deliver in letter and spirit
    • All Commitments – Official / Written / E-Mail / Verbal to Colleague / Customer / Vendor / Partner

    We shall be committed to Quality, Innovation & Growth in every endeavor

    • We shall be committed – No compromise, No effort spared, At any cost
    • Quality – Do things right first time every time
    • Innovation – Create or change for improvement
    • Growth – Strive to better what has already been done

    We shall be Responsible Corporate Citizens

    • We – Every HCLite
    • Responsible – Awareness and compliance
    • Corporate Citizen
      • - Representing HCL in office hours and after
      • - Abiding by the laws of land
      • - Celebrating diversity and equal opportunity
      • - Contributing to society and environment